The Yoku Property Group is not just a Real Estate company. We believe in providing our property development clients with an end to end experience including purchasing your development property, managing the construction, project marketing and sales or property management.

Our Building Contract Management and Administration services are a vital component of any new property development project. Effective management of your building and construction contract is just as important to the success of your project as the plans and the architectural designs. Building contracts and construction projects can be long, complicated and if not managed well, potentially costing you sibstantially more than you have planned.

The Yoku Property Group has Contract and Construction Managers with over 60 years of combined experience in managing major contracts and construction projects. Our experts will ensure that your property development is delivered on time, in scope and within budget ensuring the end product is what you planned and saving you from costly over runs and nasty contract disputes.

Our services include:

  • Tender management
  • Contract review and establishment
  • Contractor engagement and contract induction
  • Manage contract amendments and variations
  • Monitor and document all contractual disputes
  • Provide advice on contractual matters.
  • Advise and manage developmental applications with local councils
  • Assist with and manage claims resolutions.
  • Ensure that the construction program is progressing as per schedule.
  • Manage progress claims and variations as required
  • Inspection of all works
  • Identify defects and oversee that corrective actions are taken and completed
  • Where required bring in independent specialists (i.e. engineers, certifiers, legal advice)